Best captions for quarantine due to Coronavirus pandemic

50 Best quarantine captions and quotes for Instagram during CoronaVirus pandemic

Today is my 45th day of quarantine after Coronavirus pandemic and I was searching for a meaningful quarantine quote describe how I feel these days and I was wondering it can be helpful to make an archive of #stayhome Instagram captions so everyone can use it.
These days that most of us all over the world stock at home, we spend more time on social media specially, Instagram and Ticktok.
Sharing our emotions and daily routine on Instagram with others and exploring what people get along with social distancing, would be very helpful to make our days beautiful and stay away from depression and feeling blue.
Here, I want to share a bunch of beautiful, funny and motivational quotes and captions for quarantine days with you that I myself enjoyed a lot.
Let’s see how peoples talk about having to stay at home due to Covid-19.
I break the quotes to the multiple categories involve quarantine, stay at home, social distancing and Coronavirus captions and quotes.

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Coronavirus captions for Instagram

1- I coughed a few times today, hope it is a simple throat cancer!

2- Corona or no Corona, staying away from the people is always a good idea!

3- Hope is to see the light in amongst the darkness.

4- Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.

5- Coronavirus ain’t shit, my ex was more toxic.

6- “VIRUS”  “V” “R” “S” : only “I” and “U” can break the chain.

7- Along we can do so little, together we can do “SO MUCH”

8- The first “wealth” is “health”

9- Just like social media has an algorithm and shows you more of what you’re interested in, the universe also has an algorithm, and shows you more of what you’re thinking, feeling and saying.

10- In 2020 we thought we’d have flying cars. Instead, we’re teaching people how to wash their hands.

11- Coronavacation: Being homebound or quarantined due to the Coronavirus.

12- Not to brag, but I used hand soap before it was trending.

13- Somebody just used BC as “before Corona” in conversation.

Quarantine quotes and captions

14- Flirting in 2020: Can I get quarantined with you?

15- You can’t spell quarantine without u,r,a,q,t!

16- Nobody can support you like your social media friend who you never met.

17- When you stocking up, remember to stock on compassion.

18- Don’t panic! Better days will come!

19- It’s only Quarantine if it’s in the Quarante province of France. Otherwise it’s just Sparkling Isolation.

20- What is Coronavacation? Being quarantined due to the Coronavirus without a penny.

21- All I need in quarantine is YOU!

22- Cakeeeeee time, quarantine activities

23- Just a normal 2020

24- If you are finding it difficult to spend time with yourself, imagine what your friends and colleagues go through every day!

25- Many of the things, facilities that we used to enjoy, felt like a luxury. Until now!

26- Missing being able to head to the beach for Sunday sesh beers. .

27- Me in my room thinking about how I told myself today was going productive but I wake up at 3pm.

28- Just because things could’ve been different doesn’t mean they’d be better.

29- Don’t think I’d never say this but I miss school.

30- Are you even in quarantine if you’re not playing Animal Crossing?

31- weird things I do at 4am cause of quarantine…

Social distancing quotes and captions

32- Roses are red, oceans are blue, this is me in isolation, how about you?

33- Is today boring you? Go outside and lick a stranger’s face.. that should spice things up a bit.

34- You can’t go outside? So deep inside!

35- After 5 years, I finally find a time to chill.

36- Stay positive. Isn’t something you always want to do and never found the chance?

37- Guess what? Everybody is a professional chef now!

38- In 2020 every influencer became a master-chef.

39- It’s so hard to care when you’re this relaxed.

40- First time in history we can save the human race by lying in front of the TV and doing nothing. Let’s not screw this up.

41- I had the art of doing nothing whole my life. What a responsible citizen I was and no one appreciated that.

42- Trying to chill out, but this is new for me.

43- Friday, everyday

44- My relation status just changed to “In isolationship”.

45- While everything slows down in the world, it’s time to just watch and deep in.

46- If I want to be honest, social distancing from a few people works well for me!

47- Thanks to lockdown, I got ludozoned.

48- Why does feel like it’s important enough to have its Bingo!

49- Stop social distancing but continue physical distancing!

50- We are one day closer to everything back to normal again, that’s a good thought to wake up to every morning.

Last words

In this article, I tried to gather some of best quarantine captions and quotes for Instagram or any other social media. So feel free to use it in your captions. If you have something to share with others, you can email me and I will add it in the list too. I tried to make a list from more funny and emotional quotes. Hope you will like it!

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